Sweetheart dolls kids yellow


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Stern vinyl molded Sweatheart Dolls kids in yellow super hero costume

méthodes de paiement
méthodes de paiement

Nostalgia with poupeSweatheart dolls kids

This magnificent stern style very tendanceannes 50 merveillera your child and forcment become their best friend!

Nostalgia and magic with his superb costume super hero, his helmet, his botteset cub also masked with super powers!

Furthermore it possde a delicate parfun captivating and inviting the dreams.

The utiliss products are 100% natural (0% Pithalates, 0% cadmium)

It is suitable from 6 months of age, whether the babies or children, they will love it!

Dimensions: Height 6cm 19cmXLargeur

Height 19cm
Width 6cm
Compositions Vinyl