Passpartoo carpet EDITO


Within 2 3 weeks

Carpet Passpartooby Edito.

Heatset fiber.

méthodes de paiement
méthodes de paiement

Carpet Passpartooby Edito.

This carpet design,, Française design, easily CRERA a atmosphrecontemporaine your interior.

This superbetapis inspired graphics to the camoufflage, will seep into all interiors. It will magnifiquedans lounge.

Weaving and fiber superior quality heatset, a hypoallergenic MATIRE known for its high wear and tear resistance and ease dentretien, allow the carpet not to lose his hair . Carpets possdent the Oeko-Tex label.

100% heatset (Polypropylene and Polyester).

Made in Belgium.

Dimensions: 135x190 cm

CompositionsPolypropylene and Polyester
Characteristics100% heatset
PropertiesDo not shed hair