Masomenos carpet EDITO


Within 2 3 weeks

Carpet Masomenosby Edito.

Heatset fiber.


Carpet Masomenosby Edito.

This Frenchwoman carpet design is very graphic and design. It creraune your modern atmosphere inside.

This beautiful carpet clean graphics, and the paces of works of contemporary art, sublimeravotre inside. It will be ideal in a salon.

Weaving and fiber superior quality heatset, a hypoallergenic MATIRE known for its high wear and tear resistance and ease dentretien, allow the carpet not to lose his hair . Carpets possdent the Oeko-Tex label.

100% heatset (Polypropylene and Polyester).

Made in Belgium.

Dimensions: 160x230cm

CompositionsPolypropylene and Polyester
Characteristics100% heatset
PropertiesDo not shed hair