Gray concrete table teak feet MUUBS


concrete gray fiber table with teak feet in Muubs

Rockefeller by Muubs table

This beautiful gray table is ralise fiber concrete with teak feet.

This fiber concrete is a product made by hand, a cement and sand Material mlang fiberglass.

This combination provides a trslger product having a high strength and a very modern trend. As the plates are individually molds and plants, each plate possde its own expression.

The table can have holes and small cracks due to auxbulles gnres air flowing through the process, it will in any way affect the quality of the table.

The concrete and dye are mlang individually for each of PROCD flows, CeQui can entraner lgres differences of hues.

We propose it in 4 dimensions:

Length: 200cmXLargeur: 100cmXHauteur: 76cm.

Length: 220cmXLargeur: 100cmXHauteur: 76cm.

Length: 270cmXLargeur: 110cmXHauteur: 76cm.

Length: 320cmXLargeur: 110cmXHauteur: 76cm.

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