Hart colette blue table


coffee table Colettebleu ple sign Pauline Gilain for Harto

Coletteby Hart

This magnificent table bassea t imagine the cratrice Pauline Gilain for Harto.

We like its design and functionality.

Colette is a coffee table that fits your interior: thanks to its system of wooden wings, length adjusts as needed, between 64cm and 1m. Open or close Colette is a breeze: you simply, with one hand, pull the infrieur tray that slides very easily.

Bring a touch design and lgante with this coffee table HAR TO ?.


MDF veneered oak not natural highgloss
Painted wood apparatre leaving the wood grain
Backstage solid oak.
Manufactured in Europe

System of scenes:

The system of wooden wings Colette is made ​​of solid oak. Two felt strips are used to mitigate friction.

The dimensions:

Width: 64cm
Max length: 100 cm
Minimum length: 64cm
Height infrieur tray: 36cm
Superior shelf height: 38cm.

We suggest the white, blue and gray slate ple.

Length64 / 100cm