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Changing convenient Volutive natural color Leander

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A dresser and changing Idale lgante!

When you have a baby, changing diapers several times a jour.La changing table should be a place where, both mom and dad feel comfortable standing up several times during the Journe .... night ... and for several years!

The Leander changing table is Designed to code that you can spend many hours comfortably, you and your child.

When your child grows, shapes and rounded edges guarantee a suplmentaire security.

A changing table should be a height that allows not to tire the dos.Le plateauest adjustable in height to ensure mom and dad, a comfortable position and close contact with the child.


Never leave your child unattended on the table changer, p ar Therefore, make sure you have everything you need door of your space change.

A drawer and a supplmentaire bookshelf for toilet stockagedesgants, diapers, milk for bb, etc., are placed in the switching surface.


When your child no longer wears diapers, you can turn the table that becomes a small office simplementen removing the bookshelf of bas.Un lment volutifet elegant furniture that grows with your child from junior bb.

  • H 105 cm, W 72 cm, 72 cm
  • molded beech
  • Changing mattress included
  • Mark with the water based lacquer
  • Adjustable height
  • Soft-close drawer
  • bookshelf for storage supplmentaire