Changing white TOWER


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Changing table white changingTOWER.

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The table is changing tent!

ChangingTOWER is a changing table for babies

ChangingTOWER TOWERchair is closely linked thanks to their simple, modern design.

ChangingTOWER is composed of a mtallique chssi (courbs tubes) and two boxes of wooden storage for diapers, lotions, clothing, toys, etc.

A top wooden box that is the evolution space.

ChangingTOWER has the ability to transform into a tent when bb grew.

Clicking on wooden boxes and throw a tent designed to accomplish cooperation with the Frenchman illustrator Audrey Jeanne on the frame - and voil .... TOWERtent has been created :)

A soft and comfortable mattress for changing changingTOWER available .The changing mattress is available in two colors.

Height 95cm
Width 88cm
Length 69cm
Compositions Metal, wood and leather.
Weight 24,5kg