Fugato pregnant misty blue Köhler


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bluetooth speaker misty blue ceramic and wood Fugato Köhler

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Fugato by Köhler pregnant

Nordic design and audio technology

This splendid dcorative speaker is in ceramic and wood, like all products Köhler is ralise hand.

Look in all freedom, with its exceptional quality, prfres your music from your smartphone, tablet ... thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Fugato Klher is ralise hand with uneattention particulire artistic craftsmanship and the expression of quality.

Again Köhler dfie the borders cratives in ceramics and design with the launch of Fugato, a wireless speaker that combines quality audioavec aestheticism. Köhler pr feel a conceptionqui can be easily integrates all decoration styles, Fugato resumes simplementles materials that surround us in our homes as inspiration, dense ceramic and wood ash, oak or walnut, combins with traditional textiles and leather to recreate a natural and the Nordic ook.


With Fugato, Köhler dfie once again the limits of ceramic and presents an innovative and functional object dcoratif in which the materials and textures beautifully mlangent. Fugato turns your prefers music in a design that vocatrice complte your inner decoration, you will use in your kitchen, bedroom or living room. The speaker is wireless, so you can utilisezdans the garden for a first picnic of spring.
Köhler has partnered with the Danish company Hi-Fi Audio System, which guarantees excellent quality and a unique sound. The envelope extrieure speaker is not only aesthetic, but helps create a better sonqui characterizes the Fugato. The sound is also better thanks soncontact with ceramic watch case.


7 watt Class D

Dimensions and weight:
H17, 12, weight 1.2 kg


Touch button to control the volume and on / main stop on the basis of the speaker
ConnexionBluetooth or AUX cable included with automatic stop after 15 minutes without connection
Bluetooth 3.0 EDR
3.5mm mini jack analogue cable
Battery: 8 hours, 7.4V / 2000mAh lithium-ion polymre Between 100-240 volts 50/60 Hz
Charger DC / 1.3A fixed taking EU 9V

This product is PRVU to last and be used for denombreuses years. Videment well as for any product in ceramics, we must maintain the product with certain precautions. For example, for washing, use soft undtergent and especially avoid to use unepailledacier.

Founded by Herman Khleren 1839 Köhler is a Danish brand internationally renowned ceramic appreciates for over 175 years!

Herman Köhler was cramiste over the years is succdent 4 generations in the business family and continue his work as well as other creations. The company will then recovery in 2008 by architect Frantz Longhi.

All products are manufactured by hand, following the rules imposed by dart Köhler who nUsed that natural materials give this pure Scandinavian style.

Köhler of ceramics collections are both very contemporary, all finesse and they are characterized by a very Nordic term trend. Each article is a tribute Köhler and his creativity.

CompositionsCeramics, wood, leather and fabric.
StylesScandinavian design