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Ammmonite fossil on black metal base by curiosity Object


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Ammonite Morocco (Atlas)

This ammonite, of medium height, just south of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. A prosperous region o fossil quarries used to excavate different depths and thus to explore different periods. Here we have a spcimen ammonite of nearly 180 million years. During his dgagement, it does partially restores.
Dimensions: Longueur22cmXLargeur10cmXHauteur25cm

More information about the ammonite:

This fossil is between 180 and 194 million years. He has lived on the earth lpoque Superior Toarcien in Jurassic period, so lar secondary. It is the family Cphalopodes and more precisely that of Ammonodea more communment call an Ammonite. Its espce particulire is: Hammatoceras Subplanatum. This is a big shell that was swimming between two waters, is very rare, there exists today a down almost unchanged to this fossil: the Nautile. This shell, although smaller in size, is very close dune ammonite. We know that the nautilus grows dune internal partition each new moon (about 1 month) see photo. Applied to the ammonites, this would calculate your spcimen lge. It is very rare to find an ammonite of about 50cm. This spcimen t discovered in the region dErfoud the border Algro-Moroccan

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