Starfish arm 24 OBJET DE CURIOSITE


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Starfish 24 arms behind loupe curiosity Object


Starfish by subject curiosity

This beautiful Sunflower Sea canvas is mounted on a pedestal in metal behind a lamp to better contemplate.

She possde arm 24, which is remarkable for such animal!
This toilese found in all the Pacific, from Alaska to southern California.
It is a predator of sea urchins and shells that dplace up to 1 meter per minute!
Bring a style object of curiosity your interior with this beautiful sea of canvas.

Dimensions: 21,00cm Width x Depth x Height 16,00cm 34,50cm

There are over 1,800 species of dtoile sea. They live on the sandy bottom in coral reefs into the deep sea. They feed doursins; coral or bivalve molluscs. For lanecdote, its shape is so characteristic which door practically the same name in any language even if sometimes it is often more nicknames (cousin sea canvas beautiful mother or christ crown)

They sometimes prolifrent the point which fulfill the trawl fishermen at the expense of prawns or fish. Lorsquelles swarm and they ravage dhuitres benches or St. Jacques shells. Formerly anglers cut into 2 before discharging the water to kill them. But they only promote their proliferation as starfish can rgnrer their arms sils are hits. In some species, the arm stroke can rgnrer the entire body. These surprising faculties are very Videment studied by biologists.

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