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Coral blue squares on black wooden base subject curiosity

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Blue coral curiosity by subject

This beautiful blue coral "" Heliopora coerulea "" is mounted on a pedestal oak black.

This coral skeleton comes from the Solomon Islands.

Beautiful blue color to this skeleton of Heliopora Coerulae.

This blue coral is actually considered a living fossil because this espce has not evolved over 100 million years. It is also CONSIDERED as part of the family of soft corals, because of the shape of the polyps that live in the channels for its skeleton. This explains why it is under water brown. The animal concentrates iron salts in its backbone, hence this beautiful color.

Give your unique style with this blue coral has curiosity object !

It comes with its ISSUE CITES, according to the Washington Convention on the protection of species threats by allowing his business. "

Dimensions: Hauteur32cmXLArgeur16cmXProfondeur14cm