Skeleton Python Reticulatus OBJET DE CURIOSITE


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Skeleton Pyton Reticulatus curiosity object under glass structure

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Serpent by subject curiosity

This splendid python snake skeleton is Reticulatus Presented in a glass case resting on a square base in black wood.

Voiciun impressive Python Rticul skeleton!

This snake g 18 died in an Italian zoo in 2013, it was 3.5 meters long. This espce originated in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia ...) looking at it today, it sees a pure white sculpture under glass, rather than the reptile he t.

Add a style object of curiosity your interior with this exceptional and unique piece!

Dimensions: Height 65cm 120cmXLargeur 65cmXProfondeur

Height88 cm
Width67.5 cm
Length67.5 cm
StylesObject of curiosity