List of products by manufacturer SERAX

Serax offers a range of products made by renowned designers.

In 1987, the brothers Axel and Serge Van den Bossche decided to resume matriarchal business. Frank Lambert, already active in this sector, joined the company a few years later Antwerp. Today, the Serax collection are approximately 4,000 interior items, all types: original creations in glass, refined service, elegant decorative items, small contemporary furniture ...

This range reflects the values ​​of Serax: innovative design, functional and accessible. By his singular perspective on current trends, the company clearly meets the needs of florists and decoration shops. To ensure a constant supply of creative and innovative products, Serax works with renowned designers, Belgium and elsewhere. With its extensive collection of dishes, Serax has emerged in recent years as a leader in the hospitality industry. Styles and innovative materials are in unison to form a unique and diverse range. The creations of Belgian and foreign designers have been admired by renowned chefs and hoteliers worldwide.

The design accessible and functional, a pillar of Serax that guided him to several collections, resulting in a small furniture assortment. The unexpected choice for certain materials has resulted in products often unusual, universal and timeless. The assortment includes among other chairs, tables (extra), shelves (spice), easels and accessories. The lighting collection includes items to suit all types of interior decorations. The great diversity of shapes and materials results in a well-stocked range design that will appeal to any fan of the genre.

The diverse collection of boxes and storage bins allows to exploit every square centimeter. The bright colors and unexpected materials are typical seal of the entire collection. Stationery by its assortment, its playful patterns and contemporary materials, brand Serax workplace of his label. Objects collection is characterized by timeless pieces and fun items that by their specificity, add an extra dimension to any interior decor.

Always accessible and functional, these elements find their place within the framework of classical or modern life. The Potteries collection allows Serax to remain faithful to its rich history. A variety of pots and containers, colors, textures and unique materials, characterizes the singular language and very current Serax. Sometimes rustic, sometimes stripped, the diversity of styles form a perfect symbiosis to meet the tastes of each. This diversification has paid off and forms the heart of the international expansion of the Antwerp brand.