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Nicolas Vahe, French gastronomic tradition with a Scandinavian touch.



The gourmet brand Nicolas Vahe is the result of the lifelong passion of a man for good food. - And today the brand is a product portfolio constantly expanding treats, drinks and accessories All products are based on a strong philosophy and a love of food and quality ingredients. the recipes Nicolas Vahe are inspired by the French tradition, but with surprising ingredients and Scandinavian twists.

Only the best ingredients

"All my products are made ​​from the finest ingredients and top quality is a given. I always try to create surprising experiences of taste and combine the ingredients in ways you can not find anywhere else. I want my products inspire and surprise you and show you that good food should not be complicated. for me it is all about the cooking oil. that's why it's important to me that the concept of Nicolas Vahe is easily decoded and makes sense in a daily cooking routine so cooking a tasty meal is not rocket science. "


Nicolas Vahe is the man behind the Gourmet brand of the same name. As a trained chef, chocolatier and pastry chef with years of experience in the French and Danish gourmet restaurants, Nicolas Vahe created his first collection of gourmet products in 2005 . one person in particular has had a profound influence on his education in France and initial start life as a successful gastronomic entrepreneur.

"As a child I spent my summer vacation in the country with my grandparents and my favorite thing to do was to cook with my grandmother in her kitchen. She was always in the kitchen that makes the most incredible meal cultures from home. It was actually his original recipes jams that led me to create my own collection. I often think of my grandmother inspired me basically to engage in life as a chef and eventually entrepreneur. "

The road to success

Growing up in a family of cooks, butchers, bakers and traders passion for food and the desire to create has always been a part of Nicolas Vahé. So it was no surprise to his family when he age fourteen got a summer job in a restaurant in his home town of Amiens in northern France. That same year, Nicolas started as an apprentice cook and pastry chef at Michelin three-star restaurant Pic Valence and later as apprentice chocolatier in the world famous Giraud Daniel Valencia, who was named best chocolatier in France several times. in 2000, his talent Nicolas Vahe famous Falsled Kro Inn on the island of Funen and after the restaurant in Fakkelgaarden South Jutland, before entrepreneurship finally took hold of him.