List of products by manufacturer MERAKI

Meraki is a line of cosmetics in accordance with your body and nature. It uses healthy, organic and organic.

Meraki offers you care for the skin, with products designed and developed in Denmark. This range of cosmetics is thinking and inspired by nature.

We strive to achieve the best possible quality in the choice of materials and ingredients. That's why we use only the best of what nature has to offer us in the development of our cosmetic products and treatments that meet both the body and the soul.

Meraki offers products with gentle ingredients, active and nourishing, which are carefully selected for their quality and natural fragrances.

Based on simple and own principles
• Paraben
• Without colorings
• Without endocrine disruptors
• No SLS
• containing only gentle preservatives
• Essential oils - 100% Organic
• Base oils - 100% organic