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Pineapple lamp GOODNIGHT LIGHT


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Goodnight pineapple lamp light neon red


pineapple lamp

Realistic and dcalle!

The lampePina Colada is conuepar Lorena Canals and Eva Newton.

Good Nightlight is a low design studio Paris and Barcelona. The Goodnight light lamps are imagining to please both children and adults and will integrate perfectly into any environment.

With its sleek, nostalgic and original color references, each piece is an invitation imagination.

Pia Colada lamp puts avantfirement small imperfect dtails pineapple, emblem of the welcome and hospitality.

It fits any decoration, minimalist or retro.

Each piece is handmade in Spain in mold vinyl, with a LED luminaire putting a soft and radiant light.

Dimensions: 37cm height to 15cm in diameter.

The lamp comes with a LED CE certified device using 150 lumens 12v 2.5watts.

LEDs have a service life up to 50,000 hours and n'mettent no heat.

Warm white light.

Available in white, pink fishing, mintetjaune.