Dcouper board and knife


Dcouper wooden board and knife ciselerby Nicolas Vah.

Dcouper board and knife by Nicolas Vah.

With this dcouper board manufacturing heal, you'll be able to cut vegetables and herbs with great ease. This high quality set is delivered in a package to the alluring packaging.

C e dcouper game board consists of a wood board acacia and a stainless enacier knife. There is a discrete magnet contained in the two products which ensures that the knife remains well place in the slot planchelorsque you DPlace dansvotre kitchen.

We recommend you wash this board dcouper hand.

Dimensions: 26,9x16cm.

The product is manufactured of acacia wood 90% and 10% stainless steel.

CompositionsThe product is made of acacia wood, 90% and 10% stainless steel.