My little weight origin - Silver


Under 5 weeks

A weight argentqui pse weight bb birth and customizable.

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My little weight origin - Brass finitionargent

An exception object to be an exception. My little weight is a unique gift, a symbol of this moment of happiness that is the arrival of a child. His birth weight forever immortalized, yellow gold, rose gold or silver, etched his given name, delicately disposdans a horsehair in natural oak.

Redcouvrirez you the feeling of holding her child in her arms, thanks to his exact birth weight reproduitdans this weight laitonmassif with a palladium finish. For your child, this weight will the memory of his birth through the years.

It may offer the opportunity of a birth, a baptism, a birthday or communion in remembrance of the small fragile that be at.

Manufacture Française.

Weight is 100% brass and is certified roughly 20 grammesdu weight command, with a polished mirror finish etpalladium

.sa Estajuste dimension to the weight of the baby's birth.

Slectionnez a special character. This will be engraved according to reports, between time and size or between the 2nd and 3rd given name.

Slectionnez your options and save the information in product customization.

A good draw is sent to you before burning weight.

Heightvarie selon le poids de l'enfant
Diametervarie selon le poids de l'enfant
Weightvarie selon le poids de l'enfant
CharacteristicsFabrication française à la commande
PropertiesEntretien chiffon très doux

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