Greenhouse Workshop 2+


Delivery within 2 3 weeks

Serre ralise by 2+ Workshop for Design House Stockholm


Serre by Atelier 2+

Between art and design!

The duo deDesigners 2+ Workshop has created a greenhouse that is small enough to use a large intrieuretassez to house a garden!

The miniature greenhouse is a design object with artistic ambitions, a sculpture that embraces nature. 2+ workshop sets stage and sublime nature on a pedestal while laprotgeant with glass.

The greenhouse invites us rvler our cratif and artistic spirit with plants and nature. It is manufactured by hand from solid wood lacquered cendrs with tempered glass panels and a planting tray in galvanized metal. The wooden support reinforces the architectural expression and converts it into an autonomous ornament in your interior. The traps can be fixed in position relevepour work comfortably the garden of Eden.

Dimensions: Hauteur135cmXLargeur: 135cmXProfondeur40cm

Weight: 15kg

Use only inner

CompositionsBois massif, verre trempé et acier galvanisé