Stool Smartix feet tourns BLOMKAL


Under 4 6 weeks

Stool Smartix feet tourns Blomkal. Available in 6 colors for feet and leplateau.

2 foot heights.

Manufacture Française.


Stool Smartix feet tourns Blomkal

This stool design the look consists of a round tray with 6 color choices and tourns feet with 6 possible colors and 2 seating heights. An infinity of solutions, for a unique piece!

It is also well placed in a child's room in a living room or office, thanks to its multitude of colors.

Manufacture Française.

Dimensions: D28cm Foot: 28 or 44cm

Heightpied 28 ou 44cm
CompositionsPeuplier stratifié Bois vernis ultra mat
Propertiesfabrication française