Faced Konjak sponge MERAKI


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Sponge for cleaning peauxfragilisesdeMeraki. The active ingredient in green tea.

It is 100% natural fiber Konjac.


Original Konjac Sponge fragile skin by Meraki.

The Konjac Sponge is manufactured from 100% natural fibers deKonjac alimentaire.Grce daily use, it will bring back the natural shine and softness of your skin.

Key features:

  • gently exfoliates to restore the natural shine of the skin

  • effectively balance the pH of the skin

  • Naturally moisturizes the skin

  • Deep cleaning

Directions for use: Dip the sponge dries in del'eau tide until it is completely softened Gently massage your face and neck with circular motions.. Rinse thoroughly after use. never store the sponge in the shower, wet unenvironnement will affect its durability.

Use the sponge with clean water or cleaner prfr. Disinfect the sponge once a week by plunging into boiling water for a few seconds. The aissez cool before emptying the water. Replace the sponge every 2 to 3 months.

without dyes
No endocrine disruptors
containing only gentle preservatives
Essential oils - 100% Organic
Base oils - 100% organic

Compositions100% fiber konjac. Green Tea for very fragile skin.