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Meraki moisturizer. Grapefruit and lemon bark.



Moisturizer day by Meraki.

This cream for soft and nourishing face the extract of wheat, sunflower oil and shea butter adds moisture and the ideal care of your skin dose. The sweet scent of grapefruit and bark of citron.Cette cream reinforces the natural elasticity of your skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles which are signs of aging. It leaves your skin strong, hydrated and supple.

For hydratationsupplmentaire, combine a few drops of oil Meraki with the cream. For professional unrsultat, we recommend using the Cleansing Gel Meraki and the mURS and fog. Suitable all skin types.

Directions: Apply a coat of Daily Face Cream on your visageet your neck in the morning and evening.

without dyes
No endocrine disruptors
containing only gentle preservatives
Essential oils - 100% Organic
Base oils - 100% organic

CompositionsWheat extract, sunflower oil and shea butter. Perfume grapefruit and lemon peel. Paraben free, SLS without endocrine disrupters, organic and organic.