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Honor blue sofa Annick Lestrohan SERAX


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CanapHonor bleuralis by Annick Lestrohan

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sofa Honor

The French Riviera!

This beautiful sofa created by stylist and designer Annick Lestrohan directly inspired the design of the 50s mle successfully modernity, elegance and aestheticism.

Its design is superb with its graphic lines and a strong reminder of the French Riviera for 50 years who invites us to invasion.

It consists of a white lacquered metal structure, a braided rope armrests generous and very comfortable cushions in white cotton.

Its fine lines make a nice note of freshness your interior.

The cushions are dhoussables.

We also propose the stucture in white metal and burgundy.

LesDimensions: L 130 x W 73 x H 75 cm

Armchair available in two formats: 1 place or 2 places

CompositionsMetal, cotton braided rope