Meraki Daily Cream Face

Body shower gel linen dew MERAKI


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Gel showers for the corpsMeraki. Pourtoute family.

mint scent Frache.


14,00€ 20,00€ tax incl. -30%

Shower gel for corpsby Meraki.

Wrap your body with a soft mint shower gel and performantauparfum Frache. The shower gel Meraki vadorloter your skin and make it soft. Suitable all skin types. Ranger ambient temperature. We recommend using the Meraki Bodylotion or multi-purpose oil pure oil after the shower.

Directions: Apply 1 February soap pumps on your corps.Rincez abondamment.Convient all skin types. Ranger ambient temperature.

without dyes
No endocrine disruptors
containing only gentle preservatives
Essential oils - 100% Organic
Base oils - 100% organic

CompositionsShower gel. Paraben free, SLS without endocrine disruptors, silicone, silicone.