Body scrub with walnut particles MERAKI


In 1 2 weeks

Scrub corpsMeraki. For normal skin oily.

Flax rose fragrance.



Scrub with walnut particulesde by Meraki.

Exfoliating stimulates blood circulation, help repel the dead skin cells, helps the detoxification of your skin and helps your skin absorb moisture. In summer, the ritual of exfoliation is particularly important that it allows to obtain a tan uniforme.Convient all types of ambient temperature peau.Ranger.

Directions: Exfoliate your body with this scrub once or twice a week to get a skin softer and healthier. Apply a small amount of salt scrub to wet skin and massage gently witha movement circulaire.Rincez profusely. Warning: Do not use on levisage.Terminez by applying one of the Meraki Bodylotions range to keep your skin hydrated.

without dyes
No endocrine disruptors
containing only gentle preservatives
Essential oils - 100% Organic
Base oils - 100% organic

CompositionsParticles walnut silk mist fragrance. Paraben free, SLS without endocrine disruptors, silicone, silicone and organic.