Cradle suspended LEANDER


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Full suspended cradle Leander

Crib mattress, strap, tripod, telescopic rod, the cradle of sky.

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méthodes de paiement
You will agree that sleep is very important, right?
Sleep helps the brain and body dvelopper.Le cradle of a baby must be sr and scuris, but it's even better if it also allows to stimulate the development of your child.
The design of the Leander cradle combines all!

Plusqu'un cradle!

Suspended on its tripod or a hook on the ceiling, fix the cradle is a single point.

Freedom of movement in all directions relaxes your child and all these senses, the motor skills and balance are stimuls.

The newborns need to feel that there is something about them, they are never orin a bed too large, oval-shaped cradle Leander surrounds the baby and cre a space scurisant cocoon.

With a slight push, the reproduced oval cradle calm and gentle movements that give a feeling of security while stimulating the senses and recalling the uterine life.

The child can set the cradle in motion lightweight, it makes him aware of his own body and what he is capable of.

  • Cradle Dimensions: H: 30 cm, W 50 cm, L 83 cm
  • Tripod Birch: H: 197 cm
  • The tripod is painted with water-based lacquer dela
  • Platform: 100% cotton, washable 60 C Cotex
  • Cover: 100% cotton Cotex dhoussable
  • alvole foam mattress