Adornment squirrel Blommingville


In 1 2 weeks

Linen bed linen cureuilde in Blommingville.

Available in 2tailles.


Duvet cureuilBlommingville

This bed set consists of a duvet cover with a squirrel endormisur front, a motifnuagesur upside; and a cushion with "dream big little one" on the front and reverse pattern nuagesur, all aboard a pass mint.

We love the soft and reassuring ct!

Sizes: bed evolutionary rungs 70x150cm - 100x140cm duvet, pillow case 40x60cm

90x200cm- junior bed quilt cover 140x200, pillowcase 70x60cm

Stylessweet design for kids
Characteristicsdisponible en 2 tailles
Propertieslavage en machine à 30°