Bougie santal ardent "11" XL Serax

Manicure kit


Delivery within 2 3 weeks

Kit demanicurepar Meraki.

Assortment de5 parts.

Kit suede.


Kit manicureby Meraki.

Get beautiful nails manicured and beautiful manicure with this kit. The whole set contains a nail file, a pushing cuticles, a pound clamp, nail clippers and scissors. An indispensable tool in any bathroom and hand bag.

The manicure kit is delivered in a beautiful suede pouch that glisseraparfaitement dansvotre bag or toiletry kit when you are in dplacement, or in a drawer in the bathroom

It is designed to accomplish the house Meraki .

Dimensions: height 37cm.

CompositionsSuede pouch, metal accessories
StylesSleek design
PropertiesScissors, file, nail clippers, cuticle pushing, tweezers